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Innovation & media solutions


Company Overview

VSN is a global technology company specialized in providing advanced software solutions based on standard IT infrastructure to solve the needs of creation, distribution and management of content and video files in a wide variety of media and broadcast companies. VSN solutions’ portfolio is comprised of three product categories (Media Management & BPM, News & Live Production, and MCR Automation & Distribution) to manage the whole media life cycle. VSN’s software tools are able to manage all the media life cycle, while increasing productivity and reducing costs. With more than 30 years of experience, more than 1000 clients trust in VSN’s solutions.

Adobe Integrations Overview

VSNExplorer MAM, VSN’s Media Asset Management software, integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro. VSNExplorer MAM is capable of generating an EDL file for Premiere Pro, reading XML sequences from Premiere Pro and saving them as sequence assets in the system. It also allows to drag & drop content directly extracted from the MAM system into Adobe Premiere Pro.

VSN NewsConnect web plugin for news production integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro as well. When creating a news story, users can generate an EDL file for Premiere Pro and read XML sequences from Premiere Pro for advanced video editing.


Key Differentiators

Either in the cloud or on premise, all VSN solutions can work independently or together to create a complete, scalable, easy-to-integrate solution that is applicable with third parties’ systems. VSN web-based software products also allow users to be more productive by providing a unique single interface.

Adobe Products we support:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro