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Pre-cleared music for film, TV, advertising & new media

Universal Production Music

Company Overview

Universal Production Music is a global source for pre-cleared music for film, TV, advertising & all other media. Home to an award-winning catalog spanning all genres, moods, emotions and project types, Universal Production Music creates, produces and licenses music worldwide. Sign up for free and start downloading tracks today at

Adobe Integrations Overview

Access your projects and all of our themed playlists from the extension panel.

The Adobe Premiere Pro Extension gives you a quick and easy way of finding, auditioning and downloading music in one platform. With our full catalog at your fingertips, syncing the perfect music with your visuals never seemed so simple. The extension brings the search from our website right into your timeline, along with all your project files, and our themed playlists.

Key Differentiators

We retain the rights to our catalog, you are always covered. Composed by us, curated for you, and capable of taking your project to the next level. Proud to be a division of Universal Music Group.

Adobe Products we support:

  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Premiere Pro