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Solving Real Workflow Storage Problems

Tiger Technology

Company Overview

Tiger Technology has been developing high-performance, secure, data management software solutions for companies in Enterprise IT, Surveillance, Media and Entertainment, and SMB/SME markets since 2004. Customers use Tiger solutions worldwide in over 120 countries. Tiger’s software portfolio consists of continuous data protection (CDP), seamless collaborative cloud workflows, integration of automated AI services, high-speed NAS/SAN file system sharing, virtual volumes, and virtual project workspace management. Tiger Technology enables organizations of any size and scale to manage their digital assets on-premises, in any public cloud, or through a hybrid model. The company is privately held with headquarters in Europe and the US.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Thanks to Media Bridge, content is automatically replicated to the cloud for AI processing. Only the newly generated metadata is automatically transferred back to the local files to be immediately available to all XMP applications. The cloud-generated metadata also appears as timecode-based markers. In addition, proxies can automatically be generated in the cloud.

Tiger Spaces is software that solves the management challenge of ever-increasing projects and media. Virtual workspaces are dynamically assigned to specific team members and storage resources.
Tiger Store is LAN/SAN file sharing software for workgroups. It eliminates connectivity problems and ensures the smoothest workflow over high-speed, cross-platform networks.

Key Differentiators

Our software-only products are not only native to the operating system and file system, but also preserve the native format of the data when stored on-prem and in the cloud. This means no vendor-lock. Tiger Technology users enjoy sophisticated technology in cost-effective solutions that are fast and easy to deploy and maintain.

Adobe Products we support:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Stock
  • Adobe Team Projects