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Putting the flow in the workflow!

MoovIT GmbH

Company Overview

Inefficient workflows are the driving force behind our creativity. Sometimes a solution already exists; sometimes it’s down to us to find one. Either way, the aim is always the same: “Putting The Flow in Workflow”

A team of like-minded nerds and non-nerds from a diverse range of backgrounds, we are driven by the same motivation: to find creative solutions to your workflow problems.

Adobe Integrations Overview

HelmutFX is a one-program software solution for the management of all post-production processes, in a similar way to an enterprise service bus. Using the APIs of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, it is possible to consolidate and centrally manage all integrated production processes with one single tool:


HelmutIO comprises a server to manage transcoding profiles, render settings and preferences, plus a panel extension for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Key Differentiators

MoovIT manages the balancing act between theory and practice when it comes to implementing software solutions for video IT. In contrast to the typical approach, where workflows are adapted to the software, our HelmutFX tool actually adapts to the workflow.

Adobe Products we support:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adobe Premiere Pro