Company Overview

Mjoll is a software company part of Fonn Group, founded in 2019 in Bergen, Norway.

The Mjoll team are true media technology nerds that believe in revolutionising media workflows with simple and smart, cloud based tools.

Our flagship product Mimir, is a tool for journalists and video editors looking to manage their media content in the cloud, automate time consuming tasks for metadata logging, speech-to-text transcripts, translations, tagging, and closed captioning and looking for improving their video workflows.

Mimir ties in AI technology from Google, AWS, IBM, Speechmatics, Microsoft and others, making AI available as a tool for end users.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Mimir is available as an extension panel for Adobe Premiere Pro, hosted within the editing application. This makes all the regular Mimir functionality available for the video editor, in addition to the ability to import clips into the current Premiere project bin.

Key Differentiators

Mimir is built from the ground-up on modern, web based technology.

Mimir is a comprehensive tool for tying in AI services from providers like Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Watson, Speechmatics, Microsoft and others, and making this available to the end-users.

Mimir offers 4 products in one for cloud storage, smart media management and search, closed captioning and for an improved workflow.

Mimir is available as an edit assistant (panel) in Adobe Premiere Pro, with a complete proxy workflow.

Mimir can be a front-end to your existing PAM/MAM or SAN/NAS storage and is vendor independent.

Adobe Products we support:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro