Adobe Video & Audio Partner Finder

The Adobe Video & Audio Partner Finder is a site that showcases Adobe’s Technology Partner Solutions for our Digital Video and Audio products like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Character Animator, and Adobe Team Projects, etc. This site is designed to highlight our partner’s company profiles and provide an overview of their integrated solutions that serve our customer workflow requirements.

Adobe’s Approach to Partner Solutions

Our approach with third party solution providers is to facilitate integrations for our customers and provide a neutral site by which these companies can showcase their Adobe solutions with company background information, product descriptions, downloadable collateral, and in some cases, a short video of what their integration provides. We’ve found that one of the greatest challenges our customers have is navigating through a large partner eco-system to find the solution that best suits their unique workflow requirements. This Partner Finder was designed to make this process easier by including a company overviews, use case information and other useful information about these companies and their products.